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Bullet Flower Pot - 9mm .45

Bullet Flower Pot - 9mm .45

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Presenting the flowers that never die. Sure we have seen the paper flowers and flowers dipped in epoxy, But how many people own bullet flowers. These unique flower arrangements are the best gift for any occasion. Each pot includes one stemmed 9mm and .45 Caliber expanded hollow points and garnished with a variety of spent casings.

**Dimensions 3.5" x 2.25" x 2.25"

Please add a message with your order if you would like your flower pot to have custom wording.

Some orders may have up to a 5 day production time.

** each lead bullet has been coated with a clear coat, clear coat may wear off with heavy use and there is always the risk of exposure to lead. Please keep this in mind when handling.**

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