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9mm Bullet Boutonniere

9mm Bullet Boutonniere

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Looking for something unique and masculine for your wedding? These boutonnieres have just what you need. Each boutonniere stands approximately 3.5" tall and is just under 1" at its widest point. A polished brass casing holds: 1* 9mm Luger Clear coated lead keeps the finish durable. Included: One complete Boutonniere with attached ball pin, one safety pin for additional stabilization.

*Orders of 5 or more may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

** each lead bullet has been coated with a clear coat, clear coat may wear off with heavy use and there is always the risk of exposure to lead. Please keep this in mind when wearing.**

Each casing has been drilled and/or altered in a manner that will no longer allow for use as ammunition.

*We strive to send out only the best product however, because these are real spent hollow point bullets and not a manufactured flower, there is no promise of the look of any particular flower. There are unfortunately too many variables during the firing process. We use only Federal HST hollow points as they make the most beautiful and uniform flower. The bullets are all fired through the same 2 9mm guns and into water. Certain factors that may alter each flower but are unable to be controlled include: ammunition itself and how the manufacturer prepares it, the temperature of the water it is fired into and the angle in which the bullet hits the water as the water moves with each fire. Pease keep this in mind when ordering and know that we will always accept a return if you are unhappy with your product.

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